Complaints policy


 Users are provided with the following information on handling of complaints in the cases envisaged by Regulation (EU) no. 1177/10:


- complaints may be submitted in either English or Italian, without distinction;

- the complaint form can be downloaded from the complaints section on , or at the bottom of this page. Complaints may also be submitted without using this form, but will only be examined if they include at least the following information: a) the user’s personal details (first name, surname, address) and the details of any representative, in which case a written authorisation and the user’s identity document must be attached; b) the details of the journey (date, departure time, origin and destination) and the transport contract (booking code or ticket number); c) a description of the disservice experienced with respect to one or more of the requirements set forth by European or national regulations, by the general terms and conditions of transport or, if adopted, by the services charter;

- the complaint must be submitted within two months of the date when the service has been or should have been supplied;

- the company will reply to the user within one month of receiving the complaint, indicating whether it has been accepted, rejected or is still being examined; in the latter case, it will provide a final answer within two months of receiving the complaint;

- if no response to the complaint is received within the times indicated in the previous point, the user may: a) use non-judicial dispute settlement procedures; b) lodge a complaint with the Transport Regulatory Authority, through the link (;

- the user has the right to receive an automatic refund commensurate to the price of the ticket for the transport service concerned, in an amount not less than 10% in the case of a reply received between the sixtieth and the ninetieth day of receiving the complaint, or 20% if a reply is not provided within the ninetieth day of receiving the complaint. The refund will not be due in the following cases: a) the amount is under € 6,00; b) the complaint is not sent by the user in the methods, with the minimum information required and in the times indicated in the previous points; c) the user has already been paid a refund according to this point for a complaint relating to the same journey.





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Alternatively, click to download: Complaint form to be sent by registered mail to the Adria Ferries SPA headquarters in via Lungomare Vanvitelli 18, 60121, Ancona, Italy.