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The first maritime connection for Albania with multiple weekly departures of ferries from Ancona to Durres, Bari to Durres and vice versa.

Adria Ferries has been offering a ferry service between Italy and Albania since 2004: with our modern fleet of RoPax vessels, we run a daily service between the Port of Durrës and the three major Italian commercial ports of Trieste, Ancona and Bari.

In the space of a few years, we have become the market leader in goods and passenger links between Italy and Albania. We have so far carried over 4.2 million passengers and more than 910,000 vehicles with them, and around 160,000 units over the last three years, thus contributing to development of the market and relations between the two countries.

The company’s core business has always been maritime transport. The activities of Adria Ferries satisfy the needs of both departing passengers and the numerous carriers who ship goods between Albania and Italy.

The Adria Ferries passenger sector has an efficient customer service to provide customers with constant assistance. It uses all the channels at its disposal to ensure a continuous service (call centres, social networks, WhatsApp). Our passengers are accompanied from the moment they make the booking to when they arrive at their destination. The department has a vast on-line and off-line sales network offering a wide range of services. The agents operate at national and international level in handling relations with travel agencies and the large web operators.

With our fleet of RoPax vessels, we are a market leader in shipment of goods on the route between Italy and Albania. Thanks to its modern and highly technological units, assisted by the flexible cargo hold, Adria Ferries can satisfy any transport need and also offer the best solutions for project cargo and exceptional loads.

The safety of our vessels, the professionalism of our crews and the quality of the services on board ensure that our passengers enjoy an extremely comfortable and relaxing journey.

We also adopt a business model based on sustainable development and on the creation of value for our customers and for the environment.

Our commitment goes beyond simple responsible management of resources and we work hard to protect them for future generations. In our research and development into innovative solutions and new services, we carry out a series of actions and projects designed to reduce the impact on the territory, on the destinations and on the sea. Respect for the sea and its lifeforms is the focus of our company.

We do not view passengers as simple customers, but as guests on board our vessels, and we offer them a range of quality services, such as the numerous entertainment activities accompanying them throughout their journey (children’s area, ice cream parlour, American snack bar, free Wi-Fi) or the restaurant, where our chefs prepare high-quality and traditional Italian dishes every day, using the very best raw materials.

We always invest in our people and accompany them on a journey of professional and personal growth. Our company is made up of people who are travelling together, cooperating with each other in a synergistic, integrated and responsible manner and pursuing the same objectives.

Our MISSION is to guarantee our passengers the professionalism, comfort and safety that ensure they enjoy a perfect journey on our ferries.

Our VISION is to offer our passengers increasingly evolved, innovative and integrated services to enhance their travelling experience, contributing to the growth and development of relations, cultural exchanges and trade between countries.

With a distribution network of over 6,000 Italian and foreign travel agencies, international brokers, the best web booking platforms, over 8,000 international carriers and forwarders as customers, Adria Ferries uses state-of-the-art Information Technology for check-in operations, data transmission and interfacing with Port Authorities, together with a sophisticated and advanced booking system developed entirely in-house.

Adria Ferries has been supporting and sponsoring major environmental, social and cultural events in ALBANIA since 2004, helping charitable organisations, funding sports events and teams and supporting the rich cultural heritage and tourism in the Land of the Eagle, as one of the leading promoters of tourism there!



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