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Since 2004 Adria Ferries has been offering a maritime connection service between Italy and Albania with multiple weekly departures of ferries from Ancona and Bari to Durres and vice versa. In a few years the Company has established itself as a market leader in the freight and passenger sector; with its modern fleet of roro-pax ships, it currently boasts more than 4 million passengers transported with 900,000 vehicles in tow and about 175,000 units transported in the last three years, contributing to the development of the market and relations between the two countries.


The Company's MISSION is to guarantee passengers the utmost professionalism, comfort and safety to offer them a 360-degree travel experience.

The Company's VISION is to provide guests with increasingly advanced, innovative and integrated services to increase the value of their travel experience, contributing to the growth and development of commercial and cultural relations and exchanges between countries.


Thanks to the modernity and technology of its ships, assisted by the flexibility of the cargo capacity offered, Adria Ferries is able to satisfy any transport request and offer the best solutions even for project cargo and exceptional convoys, fully responding to the needs of the numerous transporters that move goods between Italy and Albania.

Over the years, the Company has conquered the position of market leader in freight transport, consolidating itself as a reliable and safe partner for companies in the logistics and transport sector, and contributing effectively and constructively to the development of trade between Albania and Europe.


In Adria Ferries the passenger sector is made up of an efficient customer service that constantly assists customers, using all available channels to guarantee a continuous and integrated service (call center, email, social network, whatsapp). Passengers are accompanied from the time of booking to the port of destination. The department uses a vast online and offline sales network, able to promote a wide range of services. Our commercial organization, active on the national and international territory, is constantly in support of all the protagonists of the sales network by offering valid support of experience, professionalism and always innovative ideas, taking care of daily relations with travel agencies and large web operators.

For Adria Ferries, passengers are not just customers, but guests on board the ships. There are numerous entertainment activities and services designed to accompany passengers and their families throughout the journey; children's area, cabins for four-legged friends, self-service and a la carte restaurant, ice cream parlor, snack bar, duty- free).


Since its origins, the Company has promoted a business model oriented towards sustainable development and the creation of value for customers, always with the utmost attention to the respect for the environment. Its commitment goes beyond managing resources in a responsible manner, concretely contributing to protecting them for future generations: the research and development of innovative solutions and new services go through a process of implementation of actions and projects aimed at reducing the impact on the territory, on the destinations and on the sea. Respect for the sea and its forms of life, in fact, is a priority of the Company's attention. 

In addition to the ISM and ISPS certifications, periodically checked and verified by the relevant institutional bodies, which guarantee maximum safety in navigation, the company has also obtained the ISO 9001 quality certification issued by RINA. 

The Ancona based Company was among the first Italian shipping companies, and currently the only one in the Italy-Albania connections, to have perceived the sensitivity and the need to use cutting-edge and eco-sustainable technological solutions on its ships aimed at reducing sulfur emissions  in the environment both during navigation and near ports. This has been achieved by installing "scrubber" systems on its ships that allow a reduction in emissions that are harmful to the environment well below current regulatory limits.


Adria Ferries constantly invests in its personnel and their training, accompanying them on a path of professional and human growth.

The company planning provides for the continuous inclusion in the workforce of young people motivated to undertake a path of professional growth, which is facilitated by the operational support of the management who makes available their wealth of experience and skills, with the aim of creating a team that is always more efficient and qualified to ensure the achievement of company targets, which are more and more ambitious every year. 

"We are a company made up of people who navigate the same route, collaborating in a synergistic, integrated and responsible manner and following common objectives".


Thanks to a distribution network of over 3,000 Italian and foreign travel agencies, international brokers, the best web booking platforms, more than 5,000 international transport and freight forwarding customers, Adria Ferries has the most advanced information technologies for check-in operations. in, data transmission and interface with the Authorities in the ports, as well as a sophisticated and advanced booking system entirely developed in-house. 

Furthermore, faced with a scenario of revolution in all industrial segments including the maritime one, in which Cyber Security plays an increasingly important role, the Company has decided to adopt measures to guarantee the safety of operators and of the information managed by them, by through the use of on-board systems. In accordance with the IMO legislation in force since January 1st 2021, Adria Ferries Company prepared, specifically for each individual ship, a "Cyber Security Management Plan" kept by the Captain responsible, for ISM code, for on-board IT security.


For almost twenty years Adria Ferries has been identifying and supporting activities or events close to the vision of the company in which to take part and guarantee support, as a sponsor. Over the years, important environmental, social and cultural events have been sponsored in Italy and Albania, giving operational and economic support to charitable organizations, financing youth sports teams and promoting the cultural and tourist wealth of the Land of Eagles. The Company also distinguished itself for its generosity and readiness to provide support in the event of natural disasters that have hit Albania hard in the recent past.



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