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The first maritime connection for Albania with multiple weekly departures of ferries from Ancona to Durres, Bari to Durres and vice versa.

The shipping Company Adria Ferries was established in 2004 taking over from the termination of the previous link Coompanies and going to fill that need, and that  historical service and traditional links between Italy (Ancona) and Albania (Durres). 

Founded with the goal of becoming a leader in the freight sector and passenger links with Albania, thanks to the intelligence of its entrepreneurial Owner and a young, knowledgeable and experienced management, in a few years Adria Ferries becomes a reference Company in maritime links between Italy and the country of Eagles boasting today more than 2.5 million passengers with 700,000 vehicles in tow, 200,000 boarded trucks and 10,000 departures made by all ports. 

Adventure began in May 2004 with the Conero Riviera (later renamed AF Michela) with a capacity of 800 passengers and 25 trucks on the line Ancona Durres, thanks to its expansion strategies of links, modernization of the fleet and high level of services offered, today Adria Ferries boasts the largest feet on the Albanian market in terms of passengers capacity (up to 4,700 people) and trucks (up to 300 trucks) and connects the main Italian ports (Trieste, Ancona and Bari) to Durres with everyday departures. 

In October 2005 Dedalus Palace (later renamed AF Claudia Prima) joins the Adria Ferries fleet, a former shp used on the Greek lines with high quality standards with respect to the offer of that time on the Albanian route, more than 1,500 passengers, 280 cabins with first class services, capacity of 50 trucks or 400 cars. 

In January 2009 the first step towards the expansion of the market with the opening of Line Bari Durres. 
Hence the driving force that will bring Adria Ferries today to be the market leader through the purchase of the third ferry in 2009, former Domiziana (later renamed AF Francesca) and the entry into the fleet of the fourth AF Marina ferry units in November 2012 that seals the completion of the Albania network with the opening of Trieste Durres link in May 2013.

The year 2014 will mark the definitive recognition of Adria Ferries as market leader thanks to the simultaneous management on Albania of 5 ferries units with the rental and use of the largest passenger ferry on Albania (m/n Aurelia) with more than 2,200 people capacity. 

The charter of European Voyager Ferry will follow in order to meet the growing needs of the market as well as the resale of AF Michela and AF Claudia Primain compliance with the policy of modernization and enjoyment of the fleet and the will to always offer a product online with the highest needs of our passengers.  

Thanks to a distribution network of about 6,000 italian and foreign travel agencies, international brokers, the best platforms for web bookings, more than 8,000 customers and international freight carriers, Adria Ferries provides information technology most at the forefront for the check-in operations, data transmission and interfaces with the Authotities in Ports in addition to a sophisticated and advanced booking system completely homemade.  

Our MISSION is always "not just customers, but guests on board".

Our VISION is a guarantee navigation with the highest quality standards and services offered on board, always in line with the needs of our guests and in compliance with the italian maritime tradition.

Since 2004 Adria Ferries also participates in supporting and sponsoring major environmental events, social and cultural rights in ALBANIA, helping charitable organizations, funding events and sports teams and supporting cultural and tourist wealth of the country of the Eagles, becoming first promoter for tourism!

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Italy-Albania Lines

  • from Ancona

    Ancona - Durres
  • from Bari

    Bari - Durres
  • from Trieste

    Trieste- Durres


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